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Paul Fried's Book: 25 Warm Ups & Caprices for the Flute

This book is intended for intermediate to advanced flutists. The exercises are intended to be challenging but still enjoyable to work on. I believe flutists will find this exercise book helpful, and stimulating for tone, control, intonation, technique, and style. Included is a play-along CD with three of the exercises, and the entire Almost Baroque flute duet.

I certainly hope you will purchase and enjoy this book! If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Table of Contents

Click the name of each exercise to see a brief sample of its first page (some exercises span several pages). Click the speaker icon to hear a brief sample from the play-along CD.

  1. Mixed Warm Up A
  2. Mixed Warm Up B
  3. Finger Twister Warm Up
  4. Bruckner Warm Up
  5. Octave Warm Up
  6. Sustained Tones Warm Up
  7. Cry of the Mountain play audio sample
  8. Les Nuages play audio sample
  9. Flute Storm
  10. Elemental
  11. Dawn
  12. Spiel 5
  13. Double Fun play audio sample
  14. Waltz Romance
  15. The Articulation Buffet
  16. Triolets in D
  17. Pour Fifi
  18. Shaker Gifts
  19. I've Got Rhythm
  20. River of Sound
  21. Polonaise Variations
  22. Tarantella
  23. Triple Fun
  24. Distant Echos
  25. Dot's All Folks
  26. Almost Baroque - Flute Duet

25 Warm Ups & Caprices For The Flute

Accolades for the Book

"I must tell you that I am truly overwhelmed at your wonderful 25 Warm Ups and Caprices.

Your writing is so beautiful - I had no idea that you had such a gift! Each composition is inspiring and musically so interesting. And yet they all work toward the goal of increasing and enhancing the abilities of the player. This is not easy to do, but you are such a remarkable instrumentalist, it seems you have a strong instinct that guides you on what will be efficient and enjoyable practice. I have always felt that the best players were the best practicers, and knew just what to do with their time - like an inner guidance system! You prove that theory.

I look forward to sharing your book with my students!

Your playing on the accompanying CD is gorgeous as always! In the first caprice, Les Nuages, I was thinking 'That is everything you want to hear from a great flutist'."
- Jeanne Baxtresser - Former Principal Flute of the New York Philharmonic

"Thanks a lot for sending me your exercise book. Congratulations with such a well written and well presented oeuvre! Do I see that book two may be on the way? I am listening to Les Nuages on the CD insert. Beautiful playing and writing - quite Debussy - like!! I am sure you will have much success with it."
- András Adorján - Famed Flutist and Professor at the Munich Musichochschule

"Les Nuages Beautiful — The Cry of the Mountain - Haunting. Paul, I can hardly wait to open your amazing book again and play. Your unique book has brought me a musically refreshing point of view - which is invaluable."
- Sandra Church - Famed Flutist of the New York Philharmonic


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